Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Vikings

I have watched bits and pieces of this TV series showing in Canada on Shaw, as at one point in time I was interested in the period of transition from Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England, and latterly in the late Anglo-Saxon period.  Recently, I caught a snippet of two weddings in the series:  one pagan and Viking, the other Christian and Anglo-Saxon.  The pagan wedding must have been scripted by latter-day hippies, and the same for the Christian.  Let me explain.  The pagan wedding was a scene of joy and love in the manner it was portrayed, while the Christian wedding was filmed in a dark, stiff and joyless fashion.  I suppose that's why Christianity is now a good 2000 years old and one of the surviving rituals even among those who are only occasionally Christian is the wedding ceremony.  We humans must love to be joyless at a wedding. (This, for those who didn't catch it, is sarcasm).

Why oh why do film makers and TV producers insist on trashing Christianity?  Well, there are all sorts of possible answers, but no hard facts at this moment.  Mostly ignorance, and I fear, willful ignorance at that.  I will let others ruminate on this.

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