Friday, November 16, 2012

moving into high gear

Well, Friday once again... my weekly time for resolutions... that are usually blown out of the water by Sunday..... but determination is one of my few virtues, so as my grandmother taught me:  Persevere.

Today a lot of organizing and marking - but I will set aside time to put chunks of my work on Islam into my  iBook Author program - with something added:  I am going to try videos of my talking head.  If it works well, I will add these to my online courses.

Beginning with Islam is especially important in this day and age - I have many Muslims in my Guelph/Humber classes and they are earnest, decent and hard working - and  have good senses of humour [my personal gauge for character] - and need some counter action to the violent radicals that infect so much of humanity.

Not really an academic post.... but just a few random thoughts on my motivation to begin my Religions of the World portal with Islam.

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