Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday Meditation

A modern meditation - that is, one produce on the run!

This was prompted by listening to a show dedicated to the choral work of Orlande de Lassus, a Low Countries Renaissance composer, who lived his composing life in Munich.  While he was known also for secular compositions, he is remembered for his Motets, Masses, Magnificats.... and that got me to thinking about the almost entirely human-centred nature of all the arts today.  With the notable exception of Arvo Pärt, music, painting, sculpting, poetry, novels..... etc. etc. are human centred in the western world.  Islam is noted for religious art and architecture - but that was almost all produced in the past as far as I know.  The vitality of the artistic heart beats best in the West - but is human centred.

Can anyone correct me?

[post scriptum:  I do not apologize for the wikipedia links - if academics bothered to put good information on the net where the world lives today we would not NEED Wikipedia]

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