Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exploring Our Matrix: Scholars Assembling Puzzles: Illustrating Differen...

A super apologia for scholarship

Exploring Our Matrix: Scholars Assembling Puzzles: Illustrating Differen...: "When scholars investigate a question - whether a question about historical events, or the interpretation of a text or other sort of data - t..."

Monday, December 6, 2010


The National Post newspaper has been running a debate... no, not a debate, no one debates anymore - one side screams at the other, and the one with the strongest lungs wins - over religion vs. atheism.

All I can say is, that 1:  there will always be people of faith whatever logic or faux logic atheists propose as faith is somehow intrinsic to much of humanity - in different degrees of course... and 2:  Attempting to explain faith to an atheist is tantamount to trying to describe 'green' to someone born blind.  You can natter on and on about wavelengths etc. etc. but never really come close to describing the experience of 'green'  -- it is next to impossible  getting those of us who are not colour blind to agree on green!